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Transfer equivalency and Transfer Guide information is provided by the respective Colleges and Universities.  While Monroe County Community College makes every effort to insure accuracy, it should be noted that final determination of acceptance of transfer credit lies with the receiving institution.

Transfer Guides: Program guides for students to follow if you know where you want to transfer and what major you are interested in. Although earning a degree from MCCC is recommended, it is not required.

Equivalency Lists (Transfer To): Lists of MCCC courses and equivalent courses at four-year (and other) colleges.
You will need to know the college to which you plan to transfer. These lists are helpful in planning a transfer program where the student does not have a particular major in mind, or in checking out one or more individual courses.

Equivalency Lists (Transfer From): Lists of MCCC equivalents for courses frequently transferred to MCCC from selected colleges and universities.  For Michigan Colleges this link will now take you to the Michigan Transfer network, which is updated frequently.

Michigan Transfer Network:  The Michigan Transfer Network is a valuable "single source" website that students, advisors and the public may use to check transfer equivalencies for courses among and between other colleges and universities in Michigan.    It is sponsored by the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) in partnership with Michigan State University.

Baccalaureate Completion Agreements (2+2 Agreements): A guide for students to follow if you know where you want to transfer and also which major you are interested in. The bachelor completion agreements are designed for direct transfer into a particular program after earning a specific Monroe County Community College degree.

Joint Degree Programs:  Monroe County Community College occasionally will enter into agreements with other colleges to offer degree programs not available on the MCCC Campus.  These programs will usually require the student to begin at MCCC and then transfer to the other college for the remainder of the program and the granting of the degree.

Michigan Transfer Agreement:In 2012 the Michigan legislature included language in the community college appropriations bill calling for improvement in the transferability of college courses between Michigan colleges and universities by revising the MACRAO Agreement.  The Michigan Transfer Agreement has been created in an effort to increase the transferability of lower level general education courses across all Michigan’s public institutions.

Reverse Transfer
Did you transfer to a four-year university before you earned your associate degree? Students now have the option to transfer four-year university credits back to their Monroe County Community College to complete their associate degree through Reverse Transfer!

MACRAO Agreement: The MACRAO agreement is an agreement between Community Colleges (MCCC included)  and many participating four-year institutions within Michigan. It was developed by the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO) and gives students more flexibility in transferring general education courses if they have completed certain courses at MCCC. Students who attended prior to Fall 2014 have until August 2019 to complete the MACRAO Agreement.