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Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions


Does my parent have to sign the form?

Yes, unless you are 18 or older and are willing to assume the responsibility for the payment.

What if I am home schooled?

The parent signs off as the counselor and/or principal, and the “High School” line on the Dual Enrollment Form is filled out as “Home Schooled”.

What classes can I take in college?

Your high school counselor will help you determine what you are able to take.

Will I get a college grade?

Yes.  Registering for an academic course means you will receive a grade and have a college transcript.  A transcript is a permanent record of courses attempted and completed.   Any courses, which you are enrolled in after the 100% refund drop date, will appear on your college transcript along with the grade earned.  These are permanent and cannot be removed or changed.

What if I want out of a class?

You should consult with your parent and high school counselor prior to dropping a course.  If you drop prior to the end of the 100% refund period, the class will not appear on your transcript and the tuition is refundable.  Please check the MCCC schedule book for exact dates.

A “withdrawal” is when you take yourself out of a class after the 100% refund period.  Your grade for the class will be a “W”, which will appear on your transcript.  This will not affect your grade point average at MCCC.  Some universities, such as Michigan State University, consider a W as a 0.0, however.  Also, check your high school’s policy on how a “W” effects your high school grade point average and your eligibility for participating in high school activities and programs.

Will I be treated differently in my college classes?

No.  You will be treated the same as any other student.  Topics discussed and some of the language used may be of an adult nature.

Will my college grade affect my high school grade point average?

Check with your high school.

Can I apply for Financial Aid?

College Financial Aid can only be used for admitted college students, not dual enrolled.  Do apply for financial aid in your senior year of high school (January) to get your college money ready for the fall semester before you graduate from high school.