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152 Western Philosophy Home Page:

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152 Introduction to Western Philosophy
3 Credit Hours

This course provides an introduction to the types of philosophy
and the study of the great thinkers' contributions to studies which
investigate the principles and facts of reality, of human nature, and
basic problems of conduct relevant to man. Emphasis is on early
Greek philosophy: Plato and Aristotle. This course will include
writing assignments.

I would like to begin this page by pointing you toward a variety of excellent sources that relate to philosophy and to the philosophers we will be reading this semester.

These first few sources will take you to Web sites that relate to philosophy and to the contributions of several classical philosophers:

1)        Guide to Philosophy on the Internet

2)     The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

3)      Women and Philosophy  

4)      Philosophy around the Web

5)      Links to a wide variety of philosophy topics

6)     Philosophy Now

Reading Assignments To Test #1 / Fall 2013

152 Western Philosophy


Tuesday / September 3 -- "Introduction" and "The Apology" (study questions) in The Enduring Questions, pages 1-27.    For an excellent look at "The Apology. AND "The Crito" (study questions)  in The Republic and Other Works   pp. 473-485 (for a link to a discussion of the Crito).

Thursday / September 5 --  The Republic pp. 41-70 Book II (questions 1-9) (study questions)    For a link to a good discussion of  "The Republic.

Tuesday / September 10 --  The Republic pp. 108-137 Book IV (study questions)  AND The Republic pp. 163-173 last part of Book V (questions 7, 8, 9) (study questions) (for an excellent discussion of the notion of "forms" introduced in this section of "The Republic")  (Plato's theory of eternal forms)

Thursday / September 12 -- The Republic pp. 205-233 Book VII (study questions) (Video of Allegory of the Cave)

Tuesday / September 17 -- The Republic pp. 264-287 Book IX (study questions)

Thursday / September 19 -- The Republic pp. 288-316 Book X  (study questions)

Tuesday / September 24  --  TEST #1


Reading Assignments

To Test #2 / Fall 2013

152 Western Philosophy

All reading assignments are from The Enduring Questions

Thursday / September 26 -- Aristotle, "Ethics" 327-344 (study questions) An excellent link to Aristotle and his work.

Tuesday / October 1  -- Mill, "Utilitarianism" 378-387 (study questions 1-4For links to Mill and Utilitarianism try this one in The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Thursday / October 3  --Mill, "Utilitarianism" 387-391 (study questions 5-8

Tuesday / October 8 --  Kant, "Categorical Imperative" 359-36 (study questions 1-6) For biography and analysis of  Kant's work. or Kant's Metaphysics  and Bb Forum #1.

Thursday / October 10  -- Kant, "Categorical Imperative" 363-372  (study questions 7-14)    

Tuesday / October 15  -- TEST #2  and Bb Forum Responses


Reading Assignments

To Test #3 /  Fall 2013

152 Western Philosophy

All reading assignments are from The Enduring Questions

Thursday / October 17 --  Huston Smith Video in class  

Tuesday / October 22 -- Descartes, 280-288 (study questions)   For a link to a discussion of Descartes and his works. 

Thursday  / October 24 --Descartes, 288-294  (study questions)    

Tuesday / October 29  -- Berkeley, Idealism, 257-266 (study questions 1-4)  For a discussion of Berkely and his works see The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Thursday / October 31  -- Berkeley, Idealism, 266-279 (study questions 5-8)  -- and  -- Ethics essay is due.

Tuesday / November 5 -- James, Pragmatism, 142-149  (study questions)  A good link to James' sites on the Web.

Tuesday / November 7 --  Test #3


Reading Assignments

To Test #4 /  FALL 2013

152 Western Philosophy

Tuesday / November 12 -- James, "The Will to Believe" (handout) (study questions

Thursday / November 14 -- Kierkegaard, (handout),   (study questions).   One of the most complete sites available on Kierkegaard with commentary.  

Tuesday, November 19  -- Chapter 1, Irrational Man (study questions).   One good introduction to existentialism another source on the realm of existentialism.   Gordon Bigelow's "Primer of Existentialism" AND Chapter 2, Irrational Man  (study questions)

 Thursday / November 21  --  Chapter 7  Irrational Man (study questions).  AND Chapter 8, Irrational Man (study questions)

Tuesday / November 26 --Mill, 490-498, Enduring Questions, Study Questions 1-8,  (study questions) and Bb Forum #2.

Thursday / November 28 -- Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 3  -- Mill, 499-509, Enduring Questions, Study Questions 9-17,  (study questions) For another good site on Mill and his works.

Thursday, December 5 -- Skinner and Rogers, "Behaviorism and Humanism" (handout) (study questions).  More information about Skinner and his theories of operant conditioning and in intro. to Carl Rogers and Responses to Bb Forum #2.

Tuesday / December 10, and Thursday / December 12 -- TEST #4


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