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Name:  John Holladay
Title:  Professor of Humanities  /  Room C212.
Office Hours for Winter 1999:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday  10-11   Tuesday / Thursday 11-Noon


152 Western Philosophy Study Questions



         1. What is good? Why is politics the master science?

         2. Why does Aristotle reject as "the proper end of politics":

pleasure / honor /  virtue / business  / wealth

3. Explain the two marks of happiness: finality and self-sufficiency. How is the function of man related to his happiness?

4. What material things does Aristotle consider prerequisites for happiness? Do you agree?

          5.  What are the parts of the soul?

6. What are the kinds of virtue? How do we get these virtues? Why does he think education is important?

          7.  What is the relation between pleasure and pain and moral virtue?

          How does Aristotle define virtue? What is the role of the mean in deciding virtue?

          8. Compare and contrast the qualities of the brave man with those of the coward.

9. Describe the pleasures of the soul and pleasures of the body. Which of pleasures call for temperance and which activities might be considered intemperant?

10. Describe the two common opinions concerning the role of self-love. Which of the two opinions does Aristotle think we ought to accept and why?

11. What leads Aristotle to conclude " . . . the intellect is the man"? What the implications of this belief?

          12. Why are friends a necessary part of happiness?

          13. Why does he regard contemplation as the highest form of activity?


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