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Name:  John Holladay
Title:  Professor of Humanities  /  Room C212.
Office Hours for Winter 1999:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday  10-11   Tuesday / Thursday 11-Noon


152 Western Philosophy Study Questions

George Berkeley

"Mind and Its Objects"


     1. Explain Berkeley's use of these terms with definitions and examples:

A. skeptic

B. sensible things

C. things immediately perceived

D. mediate perception

2. Why does Berkeley think intense heat is in the mind? Moderate heat? Taste? Odor? Sound? Color?

3. On what grounds does Philonous reject Hylas' conclusion that: "We must not therefore conclude absolutely, that there is no heat in the fire, or sweetness in the sugar, but only that heat or sweetness, as perceived by us, are not in the fire or sugar.

4 Name the primary properties. What is Berkeley's argument to show that primary properties exist in the mind?

     5.      What are abstract ideas? Why does Berkeley reject them?

6. Explain why Berkeley rejects the possibility of two kinds of objects: ideas and external objects.

     7.      Why is Hylas "forced to deny the reality of sensible things"?

8. Explain Philonous' concept of God. Tell how this affects his concept of reality.


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