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Name:  John Holladay
Title:  Professor of Humanities  /  Room C212.
Office Hours:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday  11-Noon   Tuesday / Thursday 11-Noon


152 Western Philosophy Study Questions



Chapter 7 - Kierkegaard

1. What was Kierkegaard's one theme and passion? What was the central purpose of all his philosophy?

    2. How was Kierkegaard like Socrates?

    3. Why did he have to refute Hegal?

    4. What, according to Barrett, is the crossroads of modern philosophy?

5. Name and describe the three levels of existence? Which level is superior and why?

    6. What role does despair play?

    7. Describe the different kinds of truth.



Irrational Man

Chapter 8 - Nietzsche

1. What Is the most formidable problem of twentieth century man?

2. How was Nietzsche unlike most atheists?

3. How did Nietzsche look at traditional morality?

4. What did Nietzsche feel was the innermost essence of all beings? What is power?

5. What has taken the place of God?


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