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Name:  John Holladay
Title:  Professor of Humanities  /  Room C212.
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152 Western Philosophy Study Questions

Republic—Study Questions

Philosophy 152

Dr. Holladay

Book II:

1. Distinguish means and ends in the three kinds of desirable things. Where does justice belong? What view prevails today?

2. Why does Galucon play the devil's advocate? What, according to the common view, is the origin of justice? What is the point of the gyges' ring story?

3. How does the contrast between the superlatively just and superlatively unjust man serve as a test case?

4. How can the unjust man contend with the gods? In what way do people usually praise justice?

5. Why does Socrates look at justice in the state before he looks at it in the individual?

    6. Why do people form cities? Why is the division of labor desirable?

    7. Describe the healthy city. Why do its people become dissatisfied?

8.  Why is a guardian class necessary in the more luxurious city? How does education come into the picture? What are the two divisions of the guardians, education? Why is censorship necessary for the guardians' education?

9.  How do the poets sin in describing the gods? Describe Socrates' conception of God.

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