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Name:  John Holladay
Title:  Professor of Humanities  /  Room C212.
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152 Western Philosophy Study Questions

Republic—Study Questions

Philosophy 152

Dr. Holladay

Book IX

1. Explain the classification of pleasures and the parts of the souls. Is there a relation between these two?

2. What generates "the-tyrannical man"? Describe his character. How does he differ from a tyrant?

3. On what ground does Socrates argue from the state to the individual? Is Socrates' argument convincing?

4. What is the second proof based on? To whom must we go to discover what pleasure is the most valuable? Why?

5. How does Socrates prove that there is a class of pleasures which are illusory? What's the point of his above-middle-below distinction? What is the parallel argument to show that some pleasures are truer than others?

     6.   For the sensual man and for the spirited man, where does salvation lie?

     7.   What purpose does the triple-animal figure serve?

     8.    Why is it better for the unjust man if he is discovered and punished?

     9.    What are the conditions for harmony?

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