Faculty Information


Faculty Information:
Attention Deficit Disorder
Audio Recorded Lecture Policy
Autism Brochure
Central Processing Disorder
Chronic Health Impairments 
Class Attendance Information Regarding Students with Chronic Health Conditions
Confidentiality Statement
Disability Services Handbook
Faculty Update
Faculty Update 2017
Frequently Ask Questions for Faculty
Guidelines for Readers, Scribes and Examinees
Guidelines for Responding to Persons with Seizure-Like Symptoms
Hearing Impairments
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Important Information for Faculty about Students with Disabilities
Learning Disabilities
Neurocardiogenic Syncope
Physical/Mobility Disabilities
Possible Test Accommodations
Psychological Disabilities
Speech/Language Impairments
Test Accomodations Guidelines for Instructors
Tourette's Syndrome
Trauma Brain Injury
Veterans with Disabilities
Visual Impairments


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