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LAL - Tutoring Services

Available Tutoring Services 

The Learning Assistance Lab provides free tutoring services to all registered MCCC students. This assistance is available in nearly every MCCC subject area. Tutors are also available to discuss test taking strategies, note taking skills, textbook strategies, and other study skills assistance. (See Study Skills Assistance.)

Student tutors and Faculty Specialists work with students both individually and in small study groups. (See Types of Tutoring Available.)

Tutoring is normally provided by appointment. Walk-ins are accepted, but immediate tutoring is often unavailable. Tutoring is available at the Main Campus.

On-line tutoring at present is limited but available for specified courses. Students taking courses for which on-line tutoring is available are given information by their instructors on how to access this service.

What can you expect from a tutoring session?

  • A better understanding of questions and/or concerns
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Study strategies
  • Insight to better understand instructor expectations
  • Ability to link the new material with that already known





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