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Lori Couch's Links to Web Pages for Composition and Literature

Humanities Resources

A Wide-Ranging Index to Sites in Humanities: Art, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, and Cultural Studies

Writing Resources

Writing Resources on the World Wide Web

Links to Dozens of Resources for All Writers

   Yahoo Links to Writing Resources

Links for All Types of Creative Writing

Indispensable Writing Resources

Tips for Writers

Links to More Writing Sites

Research Sites:

The Internet Public Library 

The Michigan Electronic Library

Librarians' Link to the Internet:

Library of Congress Links to the Internet

These sites offer help for students writing research papers:

Links to Dozens of OWLS (online writing labs) and Other Writing Sites

Purdue University Online Writing Lab 

Purdue University Writing Lab Research Paper Help

Carnegie Mellon University Links to On-line Reference Works

Useful Links for Writing and Research

For helpful tips on writing style, grammar, and punctuation:

Tips of Style and Grammar, Elements of Style On-Line

A helpful page on prose style & mechanics

This site will give you the latest on MLA style for your

Works Cited page:

MLA (Modern Language Association) Style Suggestions on the Web


These sites will give you helpful tips for evaluating Web sites:

WWW Virtual Library, Evaluation of Internet Sources

Librarian's Tips for evaluating Web Sites

Critical approaches to the Web

Evaluating Internet Sources

Literature Links

Click here for more than two dozen links to Internet sites with information useful to students enrolled in literature classes.

Comprehensive General-Interest Libraries on the Internet:

The Internet Public Library

The Michigan Electronic Library 

Librarians' Link to the Internet 

Library of Congress Links to the Internet   

The World Wide Web Virtual Library

Online Literary Resources 

Links to American Writers: Their Works, Their Lives

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