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Please consult your instructor for specific directions, as they may differ from those provided here. See the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) and http://apastyle.org for additional information. The Manual is available in our reference collection (R 808.06615 P976a 2010). Examples are from our more frequently used databases.

General APA format for a periodical article with DOI obtained from a library electronic database:

Author1, A. A., Author2, B. B., & Author3, C. C. (Publication Date). Title of the article. Title of Journal/Magazine/

Newspaper Source. Number: Page(s). doi:10.nnnn/nnnnnnnnnn


General APA format for a periodical article without DOI obtained from a library electronic database:

Author1, A. A., Author2, B. B., & Author3, C. C. (Publication Date). Title of the article. Title of Journal/Magazine/

Newspaper Source. Number: Page(s). Retrieved from web address of database

Examples from library databases:

EBSCO Academic Search Premiere journal article:

Porter, G., & Starcevic, V. (2007, October).  Are violent video games harmful? Australasian Psychiatry, 15,

422-426. doi:10.1080/10398560701463343


EBSCO Academic Search Premiere newspaper/magazine article:

Kirby, D. (2004, November 9). The world William Faulkner forged. Christian Science Monitor, 16. Retrieved from



JSTOR journal article:

Spegele, R.  D. (1972, July).  Fiction as political theory: Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness'.  British Journal of

Political Science, 2, 319-337. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org


Gale Expanded Academic ASAP journal article:

Hutchinson, D E (2008, December).  'Fleeting expletives' are the tip of the iceberg: fallout from exposing the arbitrary

and capricious nature of indecency regulation. Federal Communications Law Journal, 61. 229-249.

Retrieved from http://find.galegroup.com/itx/start.do?prodId=EAIM


FirstSearch WilsonSelectPlus magazine article:

Campbell, C., & Lunau, K. (2008, February 4). The war over the polar bear. Maclean's. 121(4/5), 46-52.  Retrieved

from http://firstsearch.oclc.org/FSIP?


CQ Researcher article:

Billitteri, T. J. (2009, February 6). Auto industry's future. CQ Researcher, 19, 105-128. Retrieved from



Facts on File (Facts.com). World News Digest article:

Medicine and health: FDA approves produce irradiation (2008, September 8). Facts On File World News Digest  4

Sept. 2008. Retrieved from www.2facts.com


Facts on File (Facts.com). Issues and Controversies article:

Gender selection of babies. (2005, May 13). Issues & Controversies On File. Retrieved from



NewsBank newspaper article:

Senate vote moves River Raisin battlefield closer to park status. (2009, January 16).  Monroe Evening News (MI), p.

1A. Retrieved from http://infoweb.newsbank.com



Oxford English Dictionary entry:

Plinth, n. (2009, March). In OED Online. Retrieved from http://dictionary.oed.com


Magill’s Medical Guide (Salem Press) article:

Klose, R. T. (2008). Chickenpox. In Magill’s Medical Guide, 4th rev. ed. Salem Press.  Retrieved from



Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center

Schwab, G. (2008). Use of performance-enhancing drugs is a problem among teens. In Gerdes, L. (Ed.), At Issue:

Performance Enhancing Drugs. Retrieved from http://find.galegroup.com/ovcr/


Examples from non-periodical web publications:

U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Licensing process for operators. (2009, April 6). Retrieved from


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. National Institutes of Health. National Institute on Drug Abuse.

NIDA InfoFacts: Steroids (anabolic-androgenic). (2009, July). Retrieved from


Children’s Defense Fund. Children in the states factsheets. Children in Michigan. (2008, November). Retrieved from


  • The Reference List must be double spaced and each entry should have a hanging indent.
  • If a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is available for the document being cited, include it in the reference.
  • If a DOI is not available, include a URL for the homepage of the journal or magazine or the main page of the library database it was retrieved from. Do not include a period after the URL.
  • Make certain your word-processor does NOT insert a hyphen into a long URL that spans multiple lines.
  • Do NOT use a period after a web address or DOI.
  • Use a retrieval date only when the content may be likely to change (Section 6.32, p. 192), e.g. wikis, blogs, general websites without a publication date, etc.
  • The name of the library database containing the article is usually NOT necessary (Section 6.32, p.192), as in previous versions of the Manual.
  • Precede the page numbers of a newspaper article only (NOT journal articles) with “p.” or “pp.”
  • The Manual recommends (Section 6.31, p. 187) that one should “include the same elements, in the same order, as you would for a reference to a fixed media source and add as much electronic retrieval information as needed for others to locate the sources you cited.”
  • The citation shortcuts provided by various databases (Cite This, How To Cite, Citation Tools, CiteNow!, etc.) are useful time-savers, but results should be double-checked for completeness and details (capitalization in article titles, use of non-abbreviated month names in dates and proper use of italics.
    • Does copy and paste from a database citation shortcut result in strange fonts, sizes, etc. in your Word document?
      • A different internet browser may help. Try Firefox in place of Internet Explorer.
      • Try Word’s Paste Special menu option and choose Unformatted Text. This will use the font/size of that section of your paper, but you will then need to re-do italics, bold and underlines.
  • If there are no authors given, begin with the title of the article.
  • Italicize only the volume number, not the issue number. Use of the issue number is required only if the page numbering starts over at page one with each issue (Section 6.30, p. 186).
  • If there are eight or more authors, list only the first six followed by three ellipses and the last author’s name (Section 6.27, p.184):  Author5, E., Author6, F., . . . AuthorZ, Z.

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