CIS 130 - L1/L2 Getting Started Document


Read All the Following Carefully



Is this your first online course using Blackboard?

If this is your first online course at MCCC it is strongly recommended that you complete the Blackboard Student Orientation module which is located at and enter the username: orientation and the password: mccc on the login page. Then on the next page, click on the 'Student Orientation Module' link located under 'My Courses' on the right of the page. You will find the information located on this site most helpful!


Did you read the online course information and requirements for this course?
If you have not read the online course information and requirements for this course you should do so immediately. Online course information and requiremements for all MCCC online courses can be found at by clicking on the semester link and then by clicking on the course link.


Blackboard Logon Instructions:

In your browser window, go to click on the Distance Learning link on the home page of the MCCC web site at to go to the Blackboard logon page.  The first page of the MCCC Blackboard site is the logon page. You will need to enter your username and password on this page. 


Username:  is the same as your WebPal username. 
Password:  last four digits of your social security number.


Example:  Username: lshryock      Password: 8902


If you have any problems with logging on to Blackboard, please email the MCCC Blackboard support person at immediately and cc the instructor ( on the email to jyarger.


Once you are “logged in” to Blackboard you can select the “Courses” tab at the top left of the screen then simply select your course from the “Course List”.  Another option is to use the “Institution” tab in the upper left corner, then go to “My Courses” on the right of the screen and select the course(s) in which you are enrolled. 


Navigating the Course Site:

Once you are logged onto your course, you should read all the Announcements by choosing the ‘view all’ tab and check out Instructor Information.  The course syllabus (which includes due dates and due times for required work in this course) is located under Course Information.  There are is also other helpful and crucial information for this course under Course Information that you will need to refer to from time to time throughout the course. By choosing the Discussion Board button you will discover that several forums have already been posted. The Communication forum is where students are to post questions that may arise. In this class rather than emailing the instructor with questions you are to post them to the Communication forum on the Discussion Board, this way all students can benefit from the questions and answers. In addition, to the Communication Forum, there are other 'Discussion' forums to which you will be posting threads during the semester. You will find information on the software projects, research project, research paper (there is only one and its not long), and tests under their respective links on the Blackbord Course site. Lastly, as work is completed and graded, grades will be recorded in the Blackboard Gradebook, which is located under the 'Tools' link.


Special Notes:  1) Microsoft Works cannot be used for this course.  2) Application software required for this course is Microsoft Office 2003 Professional (meaning Word 2003, Excel 2003, Access 2003, and PowerPoint 2003). 


In closing, if you have questions, post them to the ‘Communication Forum’ on the Discussion Board.  I will be checking the Discussion Board regularly.


I believe you will find this CIS online course to be a valuable learning experience!  



Lana Shryock

Professor of CIS