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Oasis is a non-denominational Bible Study group that started at Monroe County Community College many years ago. Originally called Monroe County Community College Bible Study, the group met informally and talked among friends studying the scriptures. Over time the name grew cumbersome, but the joy of sharing with one another did not. A young man named John decided he would help come up with a new name for the Bible study group he so loved. After much prayer he felt led to open up the dictionary and later his Bible. The word that was there? Oasis! Now today the group meets under the name Oasis.


What is Oasis?

According to Webster's Dictionary an oasis is a place from unpleasantness. Whatever you have going on in your life, we want you to be a part of Oasis!

Oasis Christian Fellowship is an approved student-run organization at Monroe County Community College. Oasis is not affiliated with any church or denomination. The purpose of Oasis is to provide a means for students to study the Bible, to share their beliefs, and to share their ideas with others in the group. We strongly encourage community service and volunteer work to help out our community and to strengthen our faith. Whether you participate in service events with others from Oasis or by yourself, it is a gift that will always keep on giving. Enjoy!



More About Oasis

Over the next two pages you can take a look at some of the study guides that are used or you can find out more about what Oasis does. Take a moment and remember that when you come to Oasis you are never judged but welcomed. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideals are welcome as long as you come wanting to study the Bible. You don't even have to be a believer to come. Just show up as you are, and enjoy a time of fellowship and friendship sharing the Word of God.

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