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Some Important Information

Soon Oasis will start helping in the local Soup Kitchen,
God Works, in Monroe Michigan. More information will be
forthcoming .

One project that Oasis is going to help on is
Habitat for Humanity. As soon as more events arise
they will be posted here for your information.

What we do. . . .

Oasis focuses on volunteering and community service. Together we can make a difference not only in our lives but in the lives of others. Community service is a gift whereby you give some of your time to help others and your community.
Oasis is striving to become active in the community once more, and to also become a thriving active student organization here at Monroe County Community College. Fund raisers, volunteer work and community service are just some of the things lined up for Oasis.
As time goes on and more students become involved in this wonderful program, we also hope to once again start up the newsletter and particate in fun activities that will encourage Christian fellowship as well as glorify God.

Oasis meetings for Fall 2006
information coming soon...


Some Important Links

Monroe County Community College

Sacred Space- A place for prayer

Professor Kraus -Faculty Advisor
of Oasis




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