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News related to One Book, One Community of Monroe County – 2013

Toledo News Now “One Book, One Community program receives $7,500 grant.”  Posted January 15, 2013.

Monroe Evening News  “One Book author to speak in Monroe.”  January 22, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "Add your own story to 'Amazing Thing' read." February, 3, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "Share a story: Winter ride lasts for a lifetime." February 9, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "Don't be shy: Share your story." February 12, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "Don't be bystander; add your voice to community read." February 24, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "SHARE you STORY." February 24, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "The month ahead: March." February 28, 2013.

The Agora "'One Amazing Thing' comes to MCCC." March 7, 2013

Monroe Evening News "One book, many readers." March 14, 2013.
Monroe Evening News "One book kickoff celebrates commonality of strangers." March 19, 2013.     
Watch excerpts from March 18, 2013 One Book, One Community Kickoff Event

Monroe Evening News "'Amazing Thing' author hopes people find common bond" March 21, 2013.     
Monroe Evening News  "Divakaruni on her newest book and on writing" March 21, 2013. 

The Agora "A taste of Indian culture draws crowd to 'One Book' kickoff." March 21, 2013.

Monroe Evening News "Author shares her own stories" March 28, 2013.

Monroe Evening NewsSpinning stories" March 28, 2013.

WatchOne Amazing Thing’ writers share stories.

Monroe Evening NewsSnake on a ship" April 8, 2013.

Monroe Evening NewsOne amazing feast" April 13, 2013.