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Many thanks to the following who have contributed to make One Book,
One Community of Monroe County possible in 2017!

Nancy Bellaire
Florence Buchanan
Jack Burns
Ronald Campbell
Douglas and Diane Chaffin
Vuncia Council
Valerie Culler
Julie Daniels
Randell and Deanna Daniels
James DeVries
Globe Dental
Timothy Dillon
Penny Dorcey
Brian Egen
Gary and Marjorie Evans
Amy Fikel
Thomas Fritz
Grace Lutheran Church
Ann Gerweck
Mary Kay Hamilton
Deminique Heiks
Ida Branch Library Book Club
Lucille Ingels
Joe and Terri Janssen
Jack and Cheryl Johnston
Annette Kiebler
Terri Kovach and Donald Benore
Suzanne Krueger
Edmund La Clair
Linda Lauer
William and Michelle LaVoy
Laura Loveland
Sue Lopez
Vincent and Joanne Maltese
Maybee Branch Library
Steve and Christine McCollum
Richard and Jeanne Micka
Michael Mieden
Kenneth and Susan Miller
Richard Montcalm
Karen Moore
Carrie Nartker
Wilma Nartker
Marsha and Tracy Oberleiter
Ann Orwin
Paul’s Quality Collision
Lonnie Pepler-Moyer
John and Marilyn Raymond
Rachel Reaume
Amber Reed
Stephen and Rachelle Reed
Joanna Sabo
Patricia Schooley
Daniel Shaw
Eric and Heather Slough
Mary Steinhauser
Lloyd and Mary Strevel
Kenneth and Ann Swinkey
Mary Swinkey
Bonnie Thompson
Lela Wadlin and Roger Olson
Janice Wagner
Terri Waybright
Gerald Welch and Joyce Haver
Robert and Suzanne Wetzel
Nancy Williams
Timothy and Grace Yackee
Cindy Yonovich