Search Announcement

DATE: March 13, 2013

TO: Monroe County Community College

FROM: William J. Bacarella Jr., Chair, Board of Trustees

RE: Announcement of Presidential Search (Progress Report #1)

Presidential SearchWe want to take this opportunity to thank MCCC President Dr. David E. Nixon for his dedication, commitment and outstanding service to Monroe County Community College and the greater community of Monroe during the past decade.  We are also pleased to inform the college community that we have begun the search process for the fifth president of our college.  We are committed to conducting an equitable and comprehensive national search that will attract a strong pool of presidential candidates.

Conducting a national search to select the next MCCC president is one of the most important decisions we will make, as it will determine the direction of the college for years to come. We have selected the Association of Community College Trustees to assist us with the presidential search process.  ACCT has conducted more than 400 community college searches and brings a wealth of information and experience to our process.  ACCT’s mission is to strengthen community college governance through education, advocacy and service.  Dr. Narcisa Polonio, ACCT’s executive vice president for research, education and board leadership services, will coordinate the presidential search, assisted by Dr. Laurie Savona, ACCT’s operations officer for search services.  Information pertaining to ACCT searches can be found at

Search Advisory Committee

MCCC Board of Trustees

  • William H Braunlich, Board Vice Chair  (Search Advisory Committee chair)
  • Linda Lauer, Board secretary 
  • Mary Kay Thayer, trustee    

Institutional Governance Councils, Unions, Students, Foundation and Alumni

  • MCCC Faculty Council representative: Mark Naber, professor of mathematics
  • MCCC Administrator Council representative: Mark Hall, director of admissions and guidance services
  • MCCC Staff Council representative: Tom Scheer, microcomputer technician
  • MCCC Faculty Association (union) representative: David Waggoner, professor of chemistry
  • MCCC Maintenance Association (union) representative: Bryan Rorke, general maintenance worker
  • MCCC Student Government president: Christopher Holmes
  • Chair of The Foundation at MCCC Board of Directors: Michael R. Meyer
  • President of the MCCC Alumni Association Board of Directors: Alan Barron (Barron is also Monroe Township supervisor and a member of The Foundation at MCCC Board of Directors)

MCCC External Stakeholders

  • H. Douglas Chaffin, president and CEO of Monroe Bank & Trust (Chaffin is also a member of The Foundation at MCCC Board of Directors and chair of the college’s Career Technology Center Capital Campaign)
  • Annette Phillips, president and CEO of Mercy Memorial Hospital System
  • Sue Vanisacker, director of organizational effectiveness and community relations, La-Z-Boy, Inc.
  • Robert Clark, mayor, City of Monroe
  • Lynette Dowler, director of fossil generation, DTE Energy (Dowler is member of The Foundation at MCCC Board of Directors)

Presidential Profile Document
A presidential profile document is being developed to reflect our hope for the future direction of the college and a consensus of the ideal characteristics of the new president.  As a significant step in developing the presidential profile document, we are soliciting your review and comments.  Please review the attached PDF of the presidential profile document and send your comments directly to Laurie Savona, ACCT operations officer, at All comments need to be received by Laurie Savona Friday, March 15 at noon.

The college’s website will include information on the search and important information and links for potential candidates to review.  Regular progress reports will be shared with the college community and posted on the college’s website at

Our efforts will comprise a thorough national search via a transparent process, which will be open and otherwise in conformance with all applicable laws, seeking qualified candidates from across the nation. ACCT will provide recruiting services and promote the recruiting effort at their national meetings and programs. To assist with the process, advertisements will be placed in the Chronicle for Higher Education and many other major higher education publications.
Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to our ACCT search consultants: