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Ability to Benefit (ATB)
About the ATB

Students who have not graduated from high school or have not received a GED certificate must complete an approved Ability to Benefit (ATB) test and meet or exceed a minimum set of scores on that test, in order to be eligible for access to Title IV Federal Financial Aid programs.

The COMPASS placement test (Writing Skills, Reading, and Prealgebra) and the ESL tests in the COMPASS system are approved by the U.S. Department of Education for Ability to Benefit (ATB) testing.

The ATB Test may only be taken at the MCCC Main Campus, it is offered in the Regional Computer Technology Center (RCTC) in W-157.  Call (734) 384-4144 for a schedule of testing times.

Student NOT Enrolled In An ESL Course

COMPASS Ability to Benefit test for a student NOT enrolled in an ESL Course:

This test consists of three sub-tests: reading, writing, and numerical skills/pre-algebra. This multiple-choice test is administered on the computer and is not timed. A calculator will be provided for the math portion. All three sub-tests must be completed in one sitting.  Students should allow approximately 3 hours for the testing session.

COMPASS ATB Passing Scores: 
Pre-Algebra/Numerical:  25    
Reading:  62
Writing:  32