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Computer Skills Competency Assessment Exam Reminders

The Computer Competency Assessment Exam consists of two parts. Questions and tasks for both parts correlate to the learning objectives for the Gen Ed Competency Understand and apply current and appropriate technology tools and resources.

Part 1

Part 1 must be successfully completed with a passing score of 75% prior to taking Part 2 of the exam.

Part 1 evaluates the student’s knowledge of general computer terms and computer basics, file management, Windows 10, word processing, presentation software, email, the Internet, and web browsers. This part of the assessment exam consists of multiple choice and T/F questions.

Part 1 Special Instructions and Reminders

  • Do not click on the back button on the browser window during the exam or else the exam may be automatically submitted and exited
  • Students have 20 minutes to complete Part 1

Part 2

Part 2 evaluates the student’s skills and applicative knowledge of such tasks as:

  • File/folder management, accessing software programs, performing searches, accessing devices, and the use of the Charms bar using Windows 10
  • Word processing software using Word 2016
  • Presentation software using PowerPoint 2016
  • Internet searches and use of favorites using Chrome
  • Email utilizing Outlook 2016

Part 2 Special Instructions and Reminders

  • The tasks are randomly generated, such that a PowerPoint skill may follow a Word skill. Thus, it is recommended that you notice the software referenced before performing the task.
  • Some tasks consist of multiple parts. Therefore, it is recommended that you read the entire task description before starting the task.
  • Students have two attempts for each task.
  • Check the Task List before exiting the exam to ensure you completed all the tasks.
  • Students have 40 minutes to complete Part 2