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Make-up Testing

Instructors:  Have you ever found yourself asking the following questions?

  1. What if any of my students miss an exam?
  2. What are my options for testing?
  3. Can students do Blackboard testing in the RCTC?

The RCTC offers proctored testing, free of charge, for any MCCC class.  All instructors will need to do is supply the test and Make-up testing form to the RCTC.  You can print out a form by clicking the link below for a printable testing form and complete it prior to coming to the RCTC with the test.  Testing forms are also available in the Division Dean’s office.  Instructors or designated individuals may pick up completed make-up tests at their leisure during the hours that the Testing Center is open.

Other helpful information:

  1. Brightspace testing is also available in the RCTC.
  2. Tests are conducted under camera surveillance.
  3. CLEP and DANTES tests are not available.
  4. Proctor authenticates the identity of all students by checking photo IDs.

The Testing Center is not an alternative to class time.  Instructors should only use make-up testing for the student that has an excused extraordinary circumstance for missing the test.

Instructors can also e-mail the Test Center (e-mail – if there are any questions.  Instructors also have the option to e-mail their test and the Testing Form at that same address.  The proctor will confirm that the e-mail has been received and the test is on file.  The completed test will not be returned via e-mail, but held on file for instructor pick-up at the RCTC.

Printable Testing Form