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Registration Procedures for New Students
or go to "Getting Started is Easy"

Beginning Monday, November 5 Open Registration

Register Online by webpal -

New students may register for classes on webpal only if you've completed the steps outlined in the "Getting Started is Easy" page of the schedule.

Registration for new students begins on Monday, November 5

webpal will be available every day* 5:15 am - 9:30 pm
(*occasionally down on Saturdays for short periods of time)

Register in Person Beginning Monday, November 5

New students may also register in person. Before you can register for classes be sure to review "Getting Started is Easy". All steps must be completed in order to register.

FEE PAYMENT: Students registering prior to Wednesday, December 5 will have until then to pay tuition and fees. Beginning Wednesday, December 5, students must pay the same day of registering or adding a class.

LATE REGISTRATION: After classes begin, students may register or add a class prior to the second scheduled class meeting. Short courses or classes that meet only once a week may not be entered once the class has met for the first time. Online classes may not be entered after the first day of the semester or term.