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Biology is the study of life. The study of how life began, how living things are organized, how organisms function, and how all life forms interact with each other. As a biologist, you will direct your interest in living things into observing and evaluating life processes.

Students may be seeking a career in biological research, natural resource management, agriculture, human health or education. Your area of study may be outdoors, in a classroom, a laboratory, a research station, or with a specialized research group. Students may choose from one of the professional fields of medicine, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, physiology, microbiology, molecular biology, zoology or botany.
 Biology at MCCC

Monroe County Community College will provide students with a strong biology background to prepare them for their career or professional study. As you explore career options, consider these key features that distinguish MCCC's biology programs:

  • A broad-based division with faculty well-versed in a variety of disciplines.

  • State-of-the-art facilities, including a 35-station divisional computer laboratory, a greenhouse, instructional models, and a large collection of microscope slides for all courses.

  • Independent study opportunities with faculty members

  • Preparatory courses to support Allied Health programs of nursing, respiratory therapy, and physical therapy.

Course Offerings

151 Biological Science I
153 Biological Science II
154 Introduction to Environmental Science
155 Allied Health Anatomy and Physiology
157 Anatomy and Physiology I
158 Anatomy and Physiology II
251 Elements of Botany
252 Elements of Zoology
259 Introduction to Pathophysiology
260 General Microbiology
264 Fundamentals of Genetics


A wide variety of academic scholarships are available to biology students at MCCC.

Career Options
Transfer students who complete our biology courses will find a variety of colleges and universities that offer degree programs in many biological career areas. It is suggested that students visit the MCCC career center for job opportunities information and then they should contact the four year schools that offer these programs.
Cell Biologist
Elementary Teacher
Fish and Game Warden
Forestry Technician
Greenhouse Grower
High School Teacher
Medical Doctor
Physical Therapist
Physician Assistant
Plant Biologist
Soil Scientist
Wildlife Biologist
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