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  • Introduction
    "Nothing pertaining to humanity becomes us so well as mathematics. There, and only there, do we touch the human mind at its peak." - Isaac Asimov.

    Mathematics is the study of numbers, shape, logic and dynamics.  Mathematicians work with theorems, and come up with generalizations of problems, using algebra, number theory, geometry, topology, calculus, chaos theory, probability and logic.  Mathematics is also the "art of problem solving".  It is used to solve problems from determining planetary orbits, to improving the speed of computer processing, to the movement of fluids, and in making movies.

    Mathematics at MCCC

    Monroe County Community College will provide students with a strong mathematics background to prepare them for their career or professional study. As you explore career options, consider these key features that distinguish MCCC's mathematics programs:

    • A broad-based division with faculty well-versed in a variety of disciplines.

    • State-of-the-art facilities, including a 25-station divisional computer laboratory, that give students the opportunity to work on a variety of mathematics courseware, including Maple V.

    • Independent study opportunities with faculty members

    • Preparatory courses to support pre-professional and transfer curricula

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    Course Offerings
    090 Basic Mathematics Skills
    111 Calculation Fundamentals
    121 Technical Mathematics I
    124 Technical Mathematics II
    150 Beginning Algebra
    151 Intermediate Algebra
    154 Mathematics Explorations
    156 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
    157 College Algebra
    159 Trigonometry and Analytical Geometry
    162 Introduction to Statistics
    164 Precalculus
    166 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
    171 Calculus I
    172 Calculus II
    251 Introduction to Linear Algebra
    271 Calculus III
    273 Introduction to Differential Equations


    If you would like to pursue a career in mathematics or math related field, there are some scholarships available.
    To learn more about the MCCC scholarship programs, visit the MCCC Scholarships index or contact a mathematics faculty.

    Career Options
    There are numerous careers in mathematics and related fields:  Actuarial Science, Accounting, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Education, Consultant, among many others. Talk to one of the mathematics faculty or visit the Career Programs site at MCCC and explore your options.
    Transfer Programs

    Transfer students who complete our mathematics courses will find a variety of colleges and universities that offer degree programs in many careers that apply mathematics. Visit the Transfer Program site at MCCC and find for job opportunities information at the Career Programs site. You should also contact the four year schools that offer these programs.

    Admission to MCCC

    To learn more about admission to MCCC.
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