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HLC Steering Team Members and Subcommittees
Steering Team Co-Chairs Dr. David Waggoner
Suzanne Wetzel
Co-Editors Dr. John Holladay
Lori Jo Couch

Criterion One
Mission and Integrity
Lynne Goldsmith Co-Chair
Barbara McNamee Co-Chair
Dr. Joanna Sabo Co-Chair

Criterion Two
Preparing for the Future
Randell Daniels Co-Chair
Cheryl McKay Co-Chair

Criterion Three
Student Learning and Effective Teaching
Cheryl Johnston Co-Chair
Paul Knollman Co-Chair
Vincent Maltese Co-Chair

Criterion Four
Acquisition, Discovery, and
Application of Knowledge
Dr. Terri Kovach Co-Chair
Brian Lay Co-Chair

Criterion Five
Engagement and Service
James Blumberg Co-Chair
Thomas Harrill Co-Chair
Sandy Kosmyna Co-Chair
  Kadija Ahmed
NeCole Day
Jean Ford
Mark Hall
Jerry Jean
John Joy
Heather Kipf
Jeff Kodysh
Terry Koppelman
Phil Nolff
Gail Odneal
Cindy Prusaitis
Kimberly Reaume
Tom Ryder
Linda Spenoso
Mike Stasko
Al Thom
Judy Vandaele

Federal Requirements/Compliance Tracy Vogt Co-Chair
Tiffany Wright Co-Chair
  Roop Chandel
Diana Cramer
Janie Keck
Rebecca Libstorff
Kim Marin
Tom Nordstrom
Anthony Quinn
Dan Schwab

Institutional Change Request Dr. Grace Yackee, ex-officio

Resource Room/Data Mgt

Beth Kohler Co-Chair
Cynthia Yonovich Co-Chair
Steve Mapes Co-Chair
James Ross

Communications Lana Shryock Co-Chair
Joseph Verkennes Co-Chair
  Peter Coomar
Angie Evangelinos
Will Hilliker
Jerry Morse
Mark Spenoso
Beth Waldvogel
Connie Zarb

Logistics Team Penny Bodell Co-Chair
Laurel Johnston Co-Chair
  Glori Applin
Toni Bean
Dennis Bezeau
Julie Billmaier
Frank Davis
Renee Drouillard
Carol Eshelman
Dan Hamman
Susan Hoffer
Janice Hylinski
Sue McKee
Joyce Oestrike
Bill Pickard
Lauren Pillarelli
Linda Roberts
Joan Weisbecker
Kevin Zorn

Human Resources Molly McCutchan Co-Chair
Penny Dorcey-Naber Co-Chair
  Krystine Cole
Annie Germani
Ann Gerweck
Keith Gerweck
Bob Leonard
Mary Lunn
Tonya Mann
Tina Pillarelli
David Reiman
Bryan Rorke
Jim Vallade

Recording Secretary Connie Zarb

HLC Liaison Karen J. Solomon
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