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Steering Committee Structure

The HLC Steering Committee will be chaired by the Self-Study Co-Chairs, Dr. David Waggoner and Suzanne Wetzel, who were appointed in March 2007.  The committee will be composed of 25-30 individuals representing multiple constituencies who were selected based upon their ability to assume a broad institutional perspective.  In addition, all employees of the college will be encouraged to participate in the Self-Study process and serve on one of the subcommittees.

The Steering Committee will guide the process and serve as liaisons and leaders of the twelve subcommittees.  In this role, they will review data, identify resource materials, assign tasks to the subcommittees, brainstorm, review draft reports, and engage faculty, staff, students, administrators, and community members in the process. Each subcommittee will be assigned an area of responsibility, typically a criterion or function such as data management or logistics. Subcommittee chairs will oversee the work of their subcommittee which is responsible for identifying and gathering data, interviewing, analyzing, and developing a draft report for submission to the Steering Committee. The charge to each criterion subcommittee is to approach its area of responsibility as a research project to determine and provide patterns of evidence that will show the level of effectiveness of the college relative to the assigned area.  In addition, each subcommittee will identify opportunities for institutional advancement and suggest action plans for accomplishing needed improvements. MCCC will leverage the work of the Steering Committee and its subcommittees by making use of its existing governance structure to analyze important issues.

Once the first drafts are compiled by the Steering Team, the entire college community will have an opportunity to review the draft and submit comments and additional data. From that input, a second draft will be prepared and submitted to the entire college community for review and input.  The Steering Team will evaluate the input and reactions to the second draft, make corrections or additions, and submit the final draft to the editors.  While the editors complete the final report, the Steering Committee will compile the Appendix materials.


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