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Stars Online Scholarship Application Help

STARS Online™ (Scholarship Tracking and Review System) is the program we use to help you search and apply for scholarships at Monroe County Community College. The following section outlines the information needed to begin the application process along with an explanation of each section of the scholarship application.

Before You Begin

  • You need to have your 7 digit Student I.D. (If you do not have a Student I.D. number, you need to apply for Admission to MCCC.)
  • A FAFSA form ( needs to be completed IF you are applying for need based scholarships.
  • It is helpful to know your current GPA. (Many scholarships require GPA information; it’s helpful to know your GPA from the last school you attended.)
  • You need to know your current program of study (intended major).

STARS OnlineHome Page

  • Students can reach the STARS Online™ home page at Click on START HERE to begin the application.
  • Please note that after you have established an account with STARS Online™, you may “save and exit” at any time to return when you wish to continue the application process. You may edit your application up to the application deadline.

Personal Information

  • Students need to provide their e-mail address (MCCC assigned e-mail address or home e-mail address). All Scholarship Award Letters will be sent to the e-mail address that is provided.
  • You will need your 7 digit Student I.D. number. If your number is less than 7 digits long, enter the appropriate number of zeros in front to lengthen the number to 7 digits.

Opening Questionnaire

  • Your answers to these questions will help customize the “Recommended Scholarship” list at the end of the application process.

Academic Information

  • This section requires information regarding high school attended, expected or actual date of graduation, intended program of study and GPA. Students report GPAs but we will use your final high school transcripts, official GED, or ACT scores to determine final awards; it is your responsibility to make sure the College receives official final transcripts.

Financial Information

  • The question asking for your total 2011 income can be answered in one of three ways.
  • N/A – you do not want to have your income be a basis for a scholarship.
  • Financial Need – you will not fill out the FAFSA form, but feel that you have a financial need. Some scholarships requiring financial need as a criteria will ask that you compose a statement on why you feel you have financial need.
  • FAFSA completed – you have completed (or will complete in the near future) your FAFSA form. Scholarships that require demonstrated financial need require that the FAFSA form be completed in order to qualify.

Free Form Essay Questions

  • Answering these questions will allow donors and scholarship committees to get a preview of who you are and how serious you are about your education. You are encouraged to compose your essay in a Word document and then cut and paste it in to the appropriate area.

Attaching Documents

  • Only SOME scholarships require documents to be attached. Those scholarships will indicate the needed documents when you apply.

Recommended Scholarships

  • When all sections of the application have been finished, recommended scholarships will appear. You may view the individual recommended scholarships to see all of the requirements for that scholarship by selecting the “Apply Now” button. Once in the scholarship, you may opt to complete the required steps and “Apply Now” or decide to “Return to Scholarship Search” and complete the required steps at a later time. Don’t forget to click on the “Apply Now” buttons to actually apply for the individual scholarships.


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