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Transfer From Equivalencies
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Monroe County Community College welcomes transfer students.   We award advanced standing for college level coursework from accredited institutions of higher education and  United States Military Service schools.  
Advanced Standing credit may also be awarded for  AP and CLEP tests.

The College will try to award credit in classes equivalent to those which we offer which are appropriate
to the student's program at MCCC.  When direct equivalencies are not available, elective credit in an appropriate academic subject will be awarded.

Some general information regarding transfer credit and advanced standing:

  1. Complete an application for Admission to Monroe County Community College.
    You must be an admitted student in order for transfer credit evaluation to take place.
  2. Request that an official transcript be sent directly from your previous college to MCCC.
    (Military personnel should bring in a copy of their DD214 and any documentation showing completion of military service schools.)
  3. In general, transfer credit must be from a regionally accredited College or University.
  4. Coursework from non-accredited institutions may be granted credit in appropriate circumstances, after consultation with appropriate academic divisions.
  5. The coursework must be of college level and appropriate to your program at MCCC.
  6. Courses with grades of "C" or better are transferable.
  7. A maximum of 40 advanced standing semester credits may be applied to a degree from MCCC.

Upon receipt of your official transcript, MCCC will evaluate the course work, post credit equivalents as transfer credit or advanced standing credit on your MCCC academic record, and mail you the results of the evaluation.

Monroe County Community College has established equivalencies for the most commonly transferred courses from many colleges and universities in Michigan and the surrounding area.  These lists of equivalencies are available on the Michigan Transfer Network.  Some courses you may have taken from the college you attended may not be listed. However, we will evaluate all appropriate coursework and assign equivalencies if possible.


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