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Upward Bound Program at MCCC


The MCCC Upward Bound project selects students in the 9th and 10th grades. 

Applications for admission are accepted from students attending Airport High School, Jefferson High School, and Monroe High School. The Upward Bound staff will conduct classroom presentations, meet with high school guidance counselors and other administrators, as well as talk to students during lunch and classroom breaks to promote the program and recruit students. 

Interested students are given program applications to complete. The completed applications are used to determine eligibility for the program. An interview is scheduled for the student and the parent/guardian to complete the admission process. Once a student has been admitted to the program there is no need to reapply or re-qualify annually. As long as the student maintains satisfactory progress they remain in the program through graduation from high school. The recruitment period begins in the fall semester and continues until all available slots have been filled.





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