Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I make an appointment with a Writing Fellow?

A To make an appointment to see a Writing Fellow, you can call (734) 384-4167 or stop by the Writing Center in C-218 on the second floor of Campbell Learning Resource Center (CLRC)..

Q What appointment times are available and how can I keep track of this during the semester?

A To find out about appointment times, please call the Writing Center at 734-384-4167, or check the listing [ here ]

Q Is it necessary to make an appointment, or do you accept walk-ins?

A Walk-ins are welcome, but it is best to make an appointment to ensure that a Writing Fellow will be available to work with you.

Q Is there a fee for this service?

A No! The Writing Center is is one of many cost free services provided by MCCC for its students.

Q Who are the Writing Fellows?

A The Writing Fellows are students at MCCC who have been nominated by faculty because of their writing abilities and willingness to work with other students. Writing Fellows go through a rigorous training course (Advanced Composition), and continue to develop their skills at workshops and conferences.

Q Where is the MCCC Writing Center, and what do I do when I get there?

A The MCCC Writing Center is located on the second floor of the Campbell Learning Resource Center in room C-219.When you arrive there will be someone at the main desk who will greet you, answer questions, or arrange your meeting with a Writing Fellow.

Q What should I bring to the Writing Center?

A If you have an assignment sheet or notes about the assignment, bring them to your session. Depending on how far along you are in the your writing you might bring notes or ideas, a first draft, an outline, or whatever you have completed before your appointment. The Writing Fellow will help you determine which step you can work on next. If you are bringing a draft of your paper, please have it typed rather than written in longhand. It will be easier for you and the Writing Fellow to work from a typed copy. We do, however, accept handwritten papers. For more information on what to bring, please go to Preparing for your Writing Center appointment.

Q Do I have to have my instructor's permission or referral to make an appointment?

A No! You do not have to have your instructor's permission; however, in some cases your instructor may require you to work with a Writing Fellow or offer you extra credit to do so.

Q What kind of help does the Writing Center offer?

A The Writing Fellows will help you with all stages of the writing process, from prewriting to final revision. The Writing Fellows will work with you in half-hour sessions, where the writer and the tutor work together to begin, critique, and/or, improve the written work in process. Writing Fellows can help with essays, research papers, speeches, business reports, and just about any other type of writing assignment. While the Writing Fellows will not edit your paper in any way, or rewrite or change anything in your paper, they will teach you strategies for revising and editing of your own work.

Q I have a Writing Fellow assigned to my class, but I don't remember his or her name? How can I find out who my WritingFellow is?

A You can either check with your instructor, call the Writing Center (734) 384-4167.