Our goal is to help all students at MCCC become better writers by providing an opportunity for close and regular contact with a supportive, yet critical audience. We believe that a writer can learn a good deal by talking to a sensitive and responsive reader before, during, and after writing and rewriting.

Our goal is to help all MCCC faculty become better teachers by providing valuable services: support, assistance, and individualized instruction to their students at every stage of the writing and learning process. We believe the only way to learn how to write well is by writing and rewriting. Because we view writing as a complex process involving the recursive application of a wide range of thinking skills, the Writing Fellows' goal will be to always listen and engage students in a constructive dialogue as part of the composing process.

We are committed to the following principles:

We will begin where the student is and establish and maintain a rapport that shows an interested concern for the needs of the individual writer.

We will allow the writer to do the work: we will resist the temptation to become a rewriter. The Writing Fellow recognizes the need for an immediate, constructive response and will suggest strategies for improvement. However, the writer does the work and the consultant monitors and guides the process. We will allow the writer time to find his or her own best way of working.

We will deal with "high-order" concerns before "low-order" concerns. By high-order concerns we mean such things as thesis or focus, appropriate voice or tone, organization, and development of ideas. Low-order concerns would include such things as sentence structure, punctuation, usage, and spelling. A student's time is not well spent if he or she works with spelling and punctuation in an assignment that needs to be substantially revised and rewritten because of problems with high-order concerns.

Our mission is to help each writer improve each piece of writing. We are willing to accept small successes, and we will try not to expect too much. We are not miracle workers; we recognize our limitations. In many cases we are dealing with writing problems students have developed over many years. We cannot solve all writing problems in an hour or two--or even in a semester or two.

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