Preparing for Your Writing Center Appointment

How the Writing Fellows Program Can Help You

How to Work Effectively with A Writing Fellow

What Writing Fellows Will and Will Not Do with a Student Paper

The information in this packet will help you understand how the Writing Fellows (student writing consultants) can help you write, revise, and edit successful college papers. Whether you are only interested in finding out more information about the Writing Center or you have already made an appointment, this information will be beneficial to you. We have tried to address many of the questions you might already have and suggest steps to follow, so that you can prepare effectively for your writing conference appointment. In addition, there are lists of things the Writing Fellows will help you do and not help you do, so there are no surprises or unrealistic expectations.

We recognize that students might not enjoy writing college papers and that some may even fear the experience. We also recognize that letting someone else read your paper could seem intimidating. Be assured that the Writing Fellows can help you whether you love or detest writing papers, no matter what your skill level might be. Furthermore, everything you do or say during a conference will remain strictly confidential. The Writing Center is a secure environment for discussing your paper with a trained writing consultant.

If after reading this packet, you still have questions, you are welcome to contact the Writing Center (734.384.4167) or the Writing Center Coordinator by phone or email (734.384.4285 or

We sincerely hope that your Writing Center experience will contribute to your success as a student at MCCC.

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