Preparing for Your Writing Center Appointment

How the Writing Fellows Program Can Help You

  • The Writing Fellows Program was developed in support of writing across the curriculum at MCCC. This means that at MCCC you may be assigned writing (essays, research papers, reports, etc.) in courses that fall under every academic discipline. We encourage all MCCC faculty to use writing as a learning tool. Because of this, we also provide MCCCC students, free of charge, the opportunity to consult with Writing Fellows—successful student writers who are trained and qualified to comment on other student’s writing.
  • The purpose of the Writing Fellows Program is to help all MCCC students improve their writing through feedback from trained writing tutors who are also students at MCCC. While students who are struggling with writing are welcome, we think that students of all abilities will benefit from peer feedback. Even professional writers seek out and value the comments of their peers.
  • You will benefit most by consulting with a Writing Fellow at various stages of your writing project—especially for research papers that may require several major steps toward completion. For example, you might first consult with a Writing Fellow to see if you understand the assignment and to explore strategies for developing and narrowing your topic. In addition, you might also return to the Writing Center for help with outlines, writing a first draft, revising and editing working drafts, and documenting sources.
  • Writing Fellows will NOT write your paper for you, but they will help you write a paper that does the following:

    Follows the directions of the assignment
    Has a clear organization plan
    Focuses on a main point (thesis statement)
    Develops main and supporting points with evidence and logic
    Provides transitions between paragraphs and within paragraphs
    Uses a formal system of documentation (MLA in most cases)

  • If Writing Fellows notice significant errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling they will let you know, but only after thoroughly discussing other aspects of your work that need attention (see list above). If you do not know how to find and correct these errors, Writing Fellows will help you by showing you editing strategies. Nevertheless they will not locate and correct all of your errors item by item (proofread your paper). That will be your responsibility.
  • To make an appointment with a Writing Fellow, call 734.384.4167, or stop by the Writing Center located on the 2nd floor of Campbell Resource Center in room C-218.

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