Applied Science and Engineering Technology



Attention High School Students, Parents and Career-Changing Adults

Main Campus • Tuesday, October 27, 2015
9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
• Career Technology Center

The Applied Science and Engineering (ASET) Division, at Monroe County Community College will provide a Free XTECH Open House for students, boys and girls, grades 9-12th and their teachers and counselors, parent(s)/grandparent(s) and/or relatives to explore the Career and Technical Education/Occupational program areas in the fields of STEM through engagement of hands-on activities. A section on STEM and careers comprising of successful women in technology will be part of the open house.  The event will be held in an effort to teach young people about career opportunities working with their hands in the fields on CAD, Green Construction, Welding, Electrical, Robotics, Maintenance/Machining, Nuclear, Automotive and Metrology.  Each program will demonstrate the growth and high-demand job outlook in various careers including those students who choose a non-traditional career choice. 

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Associate Degrees Certificate Programs
Alternative and Renewable Energy
Residential and Light Commercial Construction
Automotive Engineering Technology
Heavy and Industrial Construction
Construction Management Technology
Wind Energy
Electronics and Computer Technology
Solar Photovoltaic Energy
General Technology
Mechanical Design
Industrial Electricity/Electronics Technology
Product and Process Technology
CNC Technician
Mechanical Design Technology
CAD/CAM Technician
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Quality Systems and Basic Quality Technician
Metrology/Quality Systems Technology
Basic Welding
Non-Destructive Testing
Advanced Welding
Nuclear Engineering Technology
American Welding Society QC-10 (Entry-level)
Welding Technology
American Welding Society QC-11 (Advanced-level)


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