Computer Skills Assessment
General Information

The General Education requirements for earning an Associate Degree from Monroe County Community College (effective with the 2002-03 catalog) include computer skills. By successfully completing the Computer Skills Assessment with a score of 75% on each component of the assessment, students can meet the computer skills general education requirement.

Students do not receive academic credit for passing the computer skills assessment and may need to earn additional credit to meet degree requirements. Also, achieving a satisfactory score on this assessment is not to be considered as fulfilling any prerequisite required for more advanced courses in the CIS area.

Courses which can be taken to meet the General Education requirement for computer skills are:
CIS 130 (Introduction to Computer Information Systems)
MDTC 160 (Mechanical Drafting and CAD I)
WPR 102 (Word Processing I)
WPR 110 (Personal Word Processing)

For more information on the Computer Skills General Education requirement
• see page 18 of the college catalog.(note: computer skills gen. ed. requirement is under "Degree and Graduation Requirements" section of the catalog.)
• see the MCCC Web site.
• read the Computer Skills Assessment Application form and Computer Skills   Assessment handout which are available in the Admissions Office, the Whitman  Center, and all division offices.