Program Outcomes - Web Design

Degree and Program Name: AAS - Web Design

Upon successful completion of all degree requirements, graduates of this program should be able to:

Demonstrate the ability to use organizational skills, visual/graphical communication skills, and written communication skills to develop a professional project planning proposal that meets a client’s design needs for their intended target audience.
Design screen-based user interfaces, with graphics, textual components, and navigation systems to achieve a unified, functional interactive environment that results in a compelling, professional web site.
Demonstrate knowledge and skills utilizing a variety of software tools and techniques including graphic software, animation software, digital video editing software, web page authoring software, CSS (cascading style sheets), typography, markup languages, and action scripts.
Complete a variety of professional and functional web page design elements while demonstrating the ability to meet deadlines, work independently and/or with a team while demonstrating professional ethics and adhering to legal guidelines and copyright law.
Evaluate and critique designs (including their own designs) in a professional and articulate manner using oral and/or written communication skills.
Produce a body of work suitable for seeking employment opportunities or transfer opportunities to a four year university in Web Design or related field.