Graduate Follow-Up Survey

Each year the Monroe County Community College Office of Workforce Development conducts a follow-up survey of the previous year’s graduating class. The target population for this survey includes all students receiving either an Associate Degree or Certificate at one of the four completion points throughout the year: August, December, April & June. This survey is conducted by mailing a survey questionnaire to all the graduates in October and then following that with another mailing in December. During the month of January a phone survey campaign to contact all non-respondents is conducted to attempt to contact as many of the graduates as possible. Compilation of the data is completed during the spring with a report being prepared by the first of April. Information from recent graduate survey reports is available here:

Survey Reports:

Survey Report 2012-2013 pdf file

Survey Report 2011-2012 pdf file

Survey Report 2010-2011 pdf file

Survey Report 2009-10 pdf file

Survey Report - 2008 (2006-2007 class) pdf file