Fall 2014-Winter 2015  Stafford Direct Loan Request Form

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Stafford loans will be processed for Fall & Winter semesters only.

If you do not enroll at least half-time for one of those semesters, a loan will not be processed for that semester.

I request the following loan type(s), to the extent I am eligible: *

Loan Amount Requested:*The amount you request will be divided equally between Fall & Winter semesters. $   5 digits only, no commas

I request a total amount under these loan types not to exceed the loan maximums below. My school will certify my eligibility for each loan type for which I am applying. The amount and other details of my loan(s) will be described to me in a disclosure statement included in my Master Promissory Note.

Loan Maximums -
     $3500 for Freshman < 30 credit hours - per academic year. (+ $6000 unsubsidized for independent students, + $2000 unsubsidized for dependent students)
     $4500 Sophomore 30 or more credits - per academic year. (+ $6000 unsubsidized for independent students, + $2000 unsubsidized for dependent students)

Other Educational Resources
Select all you anticipate receiving during the Fall 2014 /Winter 2015.         Amount per semester
Michigan Works
No Worker Left Behind
Employee Tuition Assistance
Other Assistance  
**Please read the statements below and check the box next to the item to accept the statement**
* I understand I must enroll and maintain half-time (6 credit hours) status during my loan period.
* I understand that my choices above determine which loans I may be considered for.
* A Subsidized Stafford Direct Loan is a loan for which the federal government pays the interest while I am in school.
* I understand that an Unsubsidized Stafford Direct Loan will accrue interest while I'm enrolled at school.
* I understand that the school must determine the need for a Subsidized Stafford Direct Loan before determining the need for an Unsubsidized Stafford Direct Loan. Requesting a given loan type does not necessarily mean that I will be eligible to receive that loan type.
* I understand that if I have only selected the Subsidized Stafford Direct Loan I will not be considered for an Unsubsidized Stafford Direct Loan.
* I understand that I must have a completed FAFSA file with the school before a loan can be processed.
* I understand that I must have a current Entrance Counseling session and Master Promissory Note (MPN) on file with MCCC before my loan can be awarded (completed through www.studentloans.gov).

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Please check your college e-mail for additional information regarding your student loan application status.