Science/Mathematics Division

Division Dean:
Vincent Maltese
Phone: 734.384.4128

Administrative Assistant:
Laurel Johnston


Mission Statement

The mission of the Science/Mathematics Division is to provide the following educational experiences:

  • courses and necessary sequences for transfer, associate degrees, certificates, and occupational programs;
  • fulfillment of the college’s general education requirements in scientific and numeric literacy and in scientific inquiry.
              Areas of Study
Science/Mathematics News

Science/Mathematics Newsletter - pdf file

Science/Mathematics Division

Front Row (left to right), Lori Bean, Tracy Rayl, Chris Perria, Mark Naber, Lisa Scarpelli, Kathy Shepherd, and Felice Moorman. Back Row (left to right), Khadija Ahmed, Maris Fonseca, Melissa Grey, James Vallade, Philip Wahr, Vincent Maltese, Laurel Johnston, David Waggoner, Patrick Wise, and Roger Spalding.