MCCC Speakers Bureau

Jack Burns

Credentials: M. Architecture, Univ. of Detroit Mercy; B. Architecture, Univ. of Detroit Mercy; B.E.T., Univ. of Toledo
Position: Director, Campus Planning and Facilities
Experience / Areas of Expertise: 17 years architectural experience; church design
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Christine Chickeral

Position: Adjunct Instructor - Health Sciences
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Citizen responder to emergencies; Mercy Memorial American Heart Training Center; American Health & Safety Institute certified-babysitting; retired America Red Cross corporate instructor/trainer; Elder abuse awareness/prevention
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Valerie Culler

Credentials: B.A., Psychology, University of Michigan MSBA, Business Administration, Madonna University Ed.D., Educational Leadership, Eastern Michigan University
Position: Director, Financial Aid
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Financing the cost of postsecondary education/financial aid
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Randell Daniels

Credentials: Ph.D., Univ. of Toledo; M.A., Eastern Michigan Univ.;B.A., Univ. of Toledo
Position: Vice President of Student and Information Services
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Preparing for College Life, Life/Work Balance, Career Choice, other educational topics.
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Joyce Haver

Credentials: Ed.D., Nova Southeastern Univ.; M.A., Eastern Michigan Univ.; B.S., Eastern Michigan Univ.; A.S., MCCC
Position: Professor of Counseling
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Educational and training opportunities to consider in Lake Erie West
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Paul Hedeen

Credentials: Ph.D. in English M.A. English B.S. English
Position: Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Literature, Writing, Teaching Writing, Creative Writing

Barry Kinsey

Credentials: Master of Geography, Eastern Michigan Univ.; B.S., Public Administration, Eastern Michigan Univ.
Position: Director of Workforce Development
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Resume development; job search skills; training development and delivery for business and industry
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Cheryl Lohmeyer

Credentials: J.D.
Position: Attorney at Law; Adjunct Instructor
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Legal proceedings involving juvenile deliquency, child abuse and neglect
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Joshua Myers

Credentials: Master of Professional Studies, Strategic Public Relations, The George Washington U; B.A., International Relations, Michigan State Univ.; A.S., MCCC
Position: Executive Director of The Foundation at MCCC
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Former congressional aide to Senator Carl Levin and U.S. Congressman John D. Dingell; politics; public relations; crisis strategic planning; economic development; non-profits; fundraising; community engagement
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Kojo Quartey

Credentials: Ph.D., Applied/Agricultural Economics, Mississippi State Univ.; M.A., Economics, Morgan State Univ.; B.S., Accounting Morgan State Univ.
Position: President, MCCC
Experience / Areas of Expertise: International economics; entrepreneurship; diversity; economic development; leadership; student motivation
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Jacqueline Ruby

Credentials: Masters of Nutrition Science, Bowling Green State Univ.
Position: Nutrition Services Director for nursing and rehab facilities
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Healthy eating during the holidays; eating for a heart healthy lifestyle; healthy aging and bone health; diet dilemma (dispelling the myths); uncovering the power of fiber
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Robin West Smith

Credentials: B.A. in Economics, Master in Urban Planning, M.A. in Sociology (12/2015) and Certified Project Management Professional
Position: Adjunct Professor at Wayne State University - Introduction to Urban Studies and at Monroe CCC - Principles in Sociology
Experience / Areas of Expertise: I worked almost 30 years in Information Technology/Project Management; Teaching four years at Wayne State University; Have my own training company focusing on women issues and self empowerment.
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Regina Torti

Credentials: M.S.N., Michigan State Univ.; R.N., St. Vincent School of Nursing; B.S., Nursing, Lourdes Univ.
Position: Registered Nurse; Adjunct Instructor
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Personal health; talking w/seniors regarding safety and health promotion; speaking to others regarding the nursing profession; any health related topic
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Michael Trohimczyk

Credentials: M.S.F,. Corporate Finance, Walsh College; B.S., Accounting, Wayne State Univ.
Position: Adjunt Instructor - Business Division
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Instructor for over 160 courses in higher education, incl. Word Perfect, Lotus, dbase, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, webpages, and programming courses; Taught over 50 higher education accounting courses: Payroll Accounting, Computerized Accounting, Intro to Accounting, Advanced Accounting; Portfolio Building; How to Understand Financial Data; Improving Your Word and Excel Document; Is The Accounting Data Correct?; Ways To Make Numbers Look Better
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Joe Verkennes

Credentials: B.A., Journalism, Univ. of Toledo
Position: Director of Marketing
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Public relations; crisis communication; advertising account management/leadership; business writing; branding; marketing communication planning; 8 years marketing agency experience; 10 years higher education marketing experience; numerous industry awards; former adjunct instructor of business writing; member National Council for Marketing & PR
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Patrick Wise

Credentials: M.A., Clincial Psychology, Bowling Green State Univ.; B.A., Kent State Univ.
Position: Associate Professor of Psychology
Experience / Areas of Expertise: Suicide prevention, assessment, intervention; assessing risk for violence and prevention; disaster mental health services; psychopathology; stress management; sexual assault and domestic violence; crisis intervention training; diagnostic interviewing; other psychology related topics
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