Fall 2018 Semester Tuition and Fees

Billable Contact Hour System

About the Billable Contact Hour System

The method used to calculate the cost of instruction at Monroe County Community College is based on billable contact hours.

What is a billable contact hour?

Under the billing system, the cost for attending a course is determined by the course’s billable contact hours, rather than credit hours. A billable contact hour reflects an amount of time that a student spends in direct contact with an instructor, laboratory equipment or other instructional setting.

Charging by billable contact hours more fairly distributes the cost of instruction to those students who receive extra instruction. Based on this system, only students who are the recipeints of additional instruction will pay for additional billable contact hours.

How are billable contact hours for a course determined?

Several factors are considered in determining the billable contact hours of a course. The main factor is the number of hours the student is expected to either be in a class or in another “instructional” setting (such as a lab or clinical setting) in a typical week for a full-semester course. For the majority of courses at MCCC, the credit hours and the billable contact hours are the same.

Course information in this schedule and the WebPAL online course registration system includes both a credit hour and a billable contact hour for every MCCC credit course.

What types of financial aid are available to students?

There are a variety of ways MCCC students can get help in paying tuition, including grants, work-study, scholarships, payment plans and loans. To find out more about options, contact the Financial Aid Office at (734) 384-4135.

To calculate your tuition and fees, you must consider the following items that apply to your student schedule.

Registration Fee (per semester): $40.00
Tuition (per billable contact hour) – Monroe County Resident: $129.50 ($109.50 per contact hour)
Tuition (per billable contact hour) – Out-of-County: $214.50 ($194.50 per contact hour)
Tuition (per billable contact hour) – Out-of-State: $236.50 ($216.50 per contact hour)

A Technology Fee of $20.00 is included in the above and below amounts. Some courses have lab or special fees. Please see WebPAL for details.

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change by action of the MCCC Board of Trustees.

Billable Contact Hour Monroe County Resident Out-of-County Out-of-State
1 $129.50 $214.50 $236.50
2 $259.00 $429.00 $473.00
3 $388.50 $643.50 $709.50
4 $518.00 $858.00 $946.00
5 $647.50 $1,072.50 $1,182.50
6 $777.00 $1,287.00 $1,419.00
7 $906.50 $1,501.50 $1,655.50
8 $1,036.00 $1,716.00 $1,892.00
9 $1,165.50 $1,930.50 $2,128.50
10 $1,295.00 $2,145.00 $2,365.00
11 $1,424.50 $2,359.50 $2,601.50
12 $1,554.00 $2,574.00 $2,838.00
13 $1,683.50 $2,788.50 $3,074.50
14 $1,813.00 $3,003.00 $3,311.00
15 $1,942.50 $3,217.50 $3,547.50
16 $2,072.00 $3,432.00 $3,784.00