Course Descriptions Index


Course Outlines of Instruction (which include course descriptions) are now available for viewing on the web site.

**Course Descriptions are now available by viewing the College Catalog pdf file or via WebPAL.

To use WebPAL to view the class schedule, you do not have to log in to WebPAL.

Follow these instructions to view course descriptions on WebPAL. If you are not famaliar with WebPAL you may want to print these instructions!

  1. From here, click on Class Schedule - Search for Sections.
    From the home page click on , then choose WebPAL for Students, then choose Class Schedule-Search for Sections.

  2. Choose a Term from the drop down list (eg. FL2005-Fall Semester 2005, if you're looking for a course description for your Fall class).
  3. Choose a Subject from the drop down list Subjects (eg. CIS-Computer Information Systems).
  4. Click on Submit, at the bottom of page, be patient a list of all requested courses offered in the semester requested will appear.
  5. Click on Section Name & Title (underlined) and the course description for that course will appear
    (example see below).







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