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Disability Services

In accordance with the ADAAA (2008), Disability Services coordinates accommodations for persons with documented disabilities for College-sponsored programs and events, as well as credit and non-credit classes. The Disability Services Office is located in the Learning Assistance Lab (C-218 on the second floor of the Campbell Learning Resources Center). An elevator is accessible from the south entrance of the building.

Disability Services Counselors


To schedule an appointment with a Disability Services Counselor, please call (734)384-4167.


All accommodations are provided FREE of charge.


Disability Services Office at Monroe County Community College is committed to providing accessibility to all infomation on the Disability Services Web Pages.
If you are an individual with a disability and are having difficulty accessing this information on Monroe County Community College's web site, please contact our office at (734)384-4167 or kgerlach@monroeccc.edu.


Disability Services

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