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Troubleshooting Remote Access

Check two settings first:
1.  COOKIES -- You must have cookies enabled to use remote access.  This allows the databases to recognize you
as an MCCC student.

2.  POP-UPS -- You must allow pop-ups from the page that has the list of databases.  That way you can easily return
to the list, so that you can search other databases.

Mozilla & Netscape users:  Edit--> Preferences--> Privacy & Security
Internet Explorer users:  Tools--> Internet Options--> Privacy tab

If you continue to have problems after checking your cookies and pop-ups, please fill out the form below.

Student Name Telephone  
Email Address

Are you enrolled this semester?
Yes  No


Describe the problems that are occurring:


Is this the first time you have experienced this problem?
Yes  No


From the main Library page, select Online Databases--Off-Campus.
Did you get the screen that asks for your logon name and password?
Yes   No


After entering your name and the five or six digits (after the zeros) on your card number, what message do you see?

Patron information not available

No access is authorized

No message



Specifically, which database will NOT open for you?





Oxford Reference Online

Harper's Weekly






SIRS Discoverer

eLibrary Elementary

Books In Print


All of the above


If you can, paste the URL of the page into this box :


What is the name of your internet service provider (i.e. Comcast or AOL)?


When is the best time to contact you?    


Other information related to the problem:



Please note: If you experience any difficulties using this form, email your questions directly to Ask a Librarian or call 734-384-4204.

This page last updated Oct 2011

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