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Funding Sources/Budget

MCCC is supported by property taxes from Monroe County, annual appropriations from the state of Michigan, and revenue from student tuition and fees.  The original voted millage rate for operations was 1.25 mils.  In August 1980, the Monroe County electorate increased this to 2.25 mils.  Over the following 32 years, an increase has never been requested by the college.  The college has no bonded indebtedness.

Over time, the percentage of total revenue from tuition and fees has increased while the percentage of total revenue from local property taxes and state appropriations has decreased.  The current mix is approximately 51 percent from property taxes, 16 percent from state appropriations and 32 percent from student tuition and fees.  In 1991, the funding mix was 59, 17 and 22 percent, respectively.

For the last several years, the college has been challenged by declining resources.  The 2012-13 general fund budget of $26.6 million included an anticipated 3 percent decrease in billable contact hours.  Fall 2012 enrollment numbers actually decreased by close to 8 percent.  Property tax revenues are expected to decrease by 1.14 percent but state appropriations are expected to increase by 4 percent.