Maintaining and expanding cultural programs and events. The Foundation is working to establish a Cultural Enrichment Endowment dedicated to maintaining and expanding the cultural programs and events held at the college.

Many of these programs and events take place in the La-Z-Boy center, the colleges' state-of-the-art theater complex and corporate training facility that opened in 2004 and was made possible through a partnership between the college, private donors, corporate donors and the state of Michigan. The La-Z-Boy Center houses the 550-seat Meyer Theater, which is surrounded by a rehearsal hall, dressing rooms and a scene shop, providing exciting cultural opportunities for students and the community.

Shirley A. Meyer ~ Major Benefactor

There are two other great ways to support cultural enrichment at MCCC: purchasing a Meyer Theater seat plaque or a customized brick on the walkways leading up to the La-Z-Boy Center.

Each theater or orchestra seat plaque or brick you purchase will bear the specific information you request and can be utilized to honor people and events you hold dear.

Two donation levels are available for both seat plaques and bricks. So buy one - or two or three - and enrich your life and others through the dynamic energy provided by art, music, theater and special events. 

Take a Seat or Buy a Brick Brochure


MCCC Visionaries are individuals and corporations dedicated to the fulfillment of the vision laid down by the college's founders in 1964. This vision looks from the legacy of the past to the vitality of the college today and ahead to the ever-expanding enrichment and prosperity of Monroe County's future.

Donors who commit $10,000 or more to the Cultural Enrichment Endowment will be recognized as MCCC Visionaries on the recognition display in the Atrium of the La-z-Boy Center.