Student Consumer Information

The Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) requires that postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid programs make certain disclosures to students. The links below provide quick access to this information.

For additional information, including requesting a paper copy of any materials, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (734) 384-4135. The financial aid director will assist you with any requests regarding consumer information.


  • When a student has either self-identified or has been identified as needing assistance with the English language by a counselor, faculty and/or staff member, the college has professional referral resources available through the Monroe County Learning Bank Network (MCLBN). In addition, we have support services available within the Learning Assistance Lab; this service is made available through the Perkins Grant (Perkins Occupational Populations Support Services). We currently make 2-3 referrals per year. An LEP may also be verified/identified by the Accuplacer and/or TOEFL placement tests. 
  • When students with LEP- or other ADA-related challenges are identified by counselors, faculty and/or staff during the initial inquiry/recruiting event/counseling appointment/advising session, etc., they are referred to the Learning Assistance Lab, MCLBN, Michigan Rehabilitation or other available resources for assistance. The counselors, instructors and/or tutors also use assistive technology or sign language translators to communicate with those with impaired hearing. The college maintains a line in the annual budget to cover any supplies, materials and/or other resources needed to accommodate students with any ADA related challenge.