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What is academic advising?

Academic advising is a process facilitated by trained MCCC counselors and full-time faculty to assist students with educational and career planning. Assistance is available to help you plan your program, select classes, choose a major, and meet transfer requirements of a four-year institution.

What is the difference between a counselor and a faculty adviser?

Counselors are located in the Admissions and Guidance Office. In addition to academic advising, they provide career counseling and testing, academic counseling, and referrals to outside agencies. Faculty advisers do not perform counseling functions. Faculty advisers are full-time faculty and administrators assigned to students based on their declared majors.

How do I get a faculty adviser?

Faculty advisers are assigned to new students during their first fall or winter semester of enrollment in credit classes at MCCC. Students are notified how to find out who their advisers are through their college email accountsprior to registration for the next semester.

How can I find out who my faculty adviser is?

This information is under "My Personal Profile" on the students' WebPAL menu page, after logging in.

How does a new student to MCCC get started?

All new students must meet with a counselor in the Admissions Office prior to registering for classes the first time. See Steps to Enroll for New Students for further information about getting started.

Do I have to see my faculty adviser?

No, you are not required to consult with your faculty adviser. However, it is highly recommended that you do so in order to assure academic progress toward your goals.

How do I see my faculty adviser?

You are encouraged to schedule an appointment in order to ensure the availability of your faculty adviser. Your faculty adivser's phone number and e-mail address can be found on WebPAL under "My Personal Profile".

What is my role in the advising relationship?

You should take an active role in the advising process. Prepare a list of questions you want to ask. Take a copy of your College catalog, a Schedule of Classes, and your transfer guide (if applicable). It pays to be prepared to maximize the time you spend with your adviser.

How can I get assigned to a different adviser, since I am having difficulty meeting with my current adviser?

An adviser is assigned to you based on your declared major. A different adviser may be assigned when feasible by contacting the Admissions Office.