Assistive Technology and Resources

MCCC’s Disability Services Offices offers a variety of assistive computer software and adaptive equipment, including:

Adaptive Seating:  A variety of adaptive seating options are available for classroom use.

Adjustable Tables:  Height of tables can be adjusted manually.

Assistive Listening Devices: Via the Listen LR-500 FM System, the instructor wears a microphone that allows the student to hear a lecture while blocking out background noise. This unit can be used with or without personal hearing aids. A student may need to meet with an audiologist for personal adjustment.

Dragon Naturally Speaking: This speech recognition software transcribes voice dictation. Pre-programmed commands enable users to vocally navigate a computer desktop, open and create documents, and operate within documents.

Epson Scanner/Acrobat Reader: The Epson scanner converts documents to PDF format that can be combined with text-to-speech Adobe Acrobat Reader software. The system uses optical character recognition technology to convert scanned documents to text that can be read by the computer.

Flipper: This tabletop camera lens enable people with low vision to read, write and to see objects at any distance.

Large Screen Monitors: Two desktop computers with 26-inch monitors are available to assist students with visual impairments with using screen enlargement programs.

Print Magnifier: This black-and-white magnifier can be used with books, magazines and class handouts. It has the capability of increasing print up to 10 times its original size.

Read&Write: Read&Write is a literacy toolbar that offers support with everyday tasks like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words, researching assignments and proofing written work. It integrates with familiar applications including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader.

Simon Scanner: This is a reading machine that operates by scanning a single-page document. Once scanned, reading begins automatically through a headphone set.

Transformer: This is a portable, electronic magnifier that allows the user to capture visual displays and view the projected image at the desired magnification level on a laptop computer.

Window-Eyes: This software enables visually impaired students to use the computer to translate information on the screen into synthetic speech. Window-Eyes is compatible with many popular programs, such as those from Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe and Apple.

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