Catering Options

Catering Options

Monroe County Community College has two catering options for faculty and staff: 1) Small Group Caterers, which are for internal college events only, and 2) Full-service Caterers.  

MCCC Small Group Catering Options (Internal Events ONLY)

The following is a list of local business that have an established MCCC account for college employees to place orders for internal campus events requiring food. These accounts are set up to bill the college directly on a monthly basis.  Please follow the instructions below when placing orders.

When ordering, state that you are ordering on behalf of the college. 

When the food is delivered, the total will include a delivery charge. Tip is not included. To provide a tip if desired, write the amount on the receipt when signing for the delivery. This amount will then be included in the total bill and in the allocation of the charge back to the ordering department. 

The original or a copy of the receipt should be forward to Kelly Heinzerling, director of auxiliary services and purchasing, via mail or email, with the appropriate account number to charge. All receipts will be validated against the monthly billing and processed for payment.

Please note, due to all selected vendors offering delivery as an option, orders picked up by college employees will not be eligible for mileage reimbursement.

Please contact Heinzerling at extension 4275 with any requests for new vendors to be added to the following list.

Erie Bread Co.

(734) 241-4644

Link to online menu:

Monica’s Baker Boy

(734) 384-0533

Link to online menu:

Minimum $5 delivery charge – Will increase with order size

Panera Bread

Erika Guzman | Sr. Regional Catering Sales Manager

Chicago | Detroit | Toledo

T:  847.463.0883

Link to online menu:

*Please contact Kelly Heinzerling when ordering for the first time

Tiffany’s Pizza

(734) 457-3838

Link to online menu:

*Only the Telegraph Rd. location will deliver to MCCC

Tim Hortons

Monroe St. – (734) 384-9523

Telegraph Rd. – (734) 457-2181


Full-service Caterers 

Continental Catering

Michael G. Lyons,, (248) 953-7364

Jason P. Olinik,

Joy's Bring Home the Goodness

Joy Langton,, (734) 682-5051 or (734) 735-7117

KL Katering LLC

Chef Linda Paetz,, (734) 770-1152

Personal Choice Catering 

Dawn Wilkens,, (734) 770-3328 

Public House

Jacki Corser – 734-731-7150


Contact Information

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